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Natural Stone Effect Porcelain


Remodeling the bathroom and kitchen presents a huge array of flooring and wall tile options. Porcelain tile that looks like stone may be just the decor option you're looking for. A stone looking tile, in particular, offers not only the wonderful benefits of porcelain tile for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but its appearance is so realistic that it can be used throughout your entire living space. Here are some of the many benefits that stone look tile brings to your design:


It Is Easily Maintained

Stone look tile is the perfect way to achieve the natural beauty of stone without having to worry about its upkeep. Stone look porcelain tile doesn't need routine sealing and use of special cleaners, which makes it easy to live with. All you need is a mop and bucket and regular off the shelf cleaner; particularly dirty spots can be simply scrubbed away with a brush. Regular broom sweeping and mopping will keep your tile looking new for years to come.

Get creative with different sizes of tiles and unique patterns, such as staggered, brick, or multisize layouts. And don't limit yourself to the floor; adding this tile to walls will create a serene nature-inspired look.

Whether you're looking for a rustic or contemporary design, wood-look porcelain tile offers the benefits of easy maintenance with plenty of room for imaginative design.



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